Deer Management Plan

39 Looking down on the River Lochay


Breadalbane DMG are currently taking forwards their Deer Management Plan, which can be located below. It comprises a number of documents, including maps and population models, along with essential background information and a Working Plan.

If you would like to make comment on our plan, please contact the Group Secretary at


Main Documents

BDMG Background Information and Policies Document

BDMG Working Plan

The Working Plan document evolves as work progresses.

Formal consultation on the Plan is now closed, but we are happy to take comments on what we are doing at any time.



BDMG Location Map

BDMG Members Map

BDMG Reporting Units map

BDMG Management Objectives Map

BDMP Sheep and Parish Boundaries Map

BDMG Community Councils Map

BDMG Designated Sites Map

BDMG Landscape Designations Map

BDMG Designated Sites Condition Map

BDMG Woodland Creation Map

BDMG Herbivore Impacts outwith designated sites map

BDMG Key Herbivore impacts map

BDMG 2011 Deer Density map

BDMG 2015 Deer Density Map

BDMG 2017 Deer density Map

BDMG 2019 Deer density map

BDMG Deer- Vehicle collisions Map

BDMG Strategic Deer fences map

BDMG Revised Sub- areas map

BDMG Habitat Monitoring Plots


Appendix 1 BDMG Constitution

Appendix 2 BDMG Contacts

This Appendix is Confidential to Group members only. All communication with BDMG is encouraged through the Chair or Secretary, who will pass on contacts for individual members as required.

Appendix 3 BDMG Designated Sites

Appendix 4 BDMG Required Deer Cull Information

Appendix 5 BDMG Individual Deer cull targets 2015-16

This Appendix is confidential to Group members only. Cull targets are collated at a Sub- area level and listed in Appendix 7, below.

Appendix 6- Monitoring of Designated features

Appendix 7 BDMG 2015- 2020 Population Model

This Appendix is updated an an annual basis.

Appendix 8 BDMG Broad Habitat Data

Appendix 9 Habitat Targets

Appendix 10 The Risk of Undergrazing

Recommended Larder Sheets

BDMG Larder Sheet- Males

BDMG- Larder Sheet- Females