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6 Forestry Commission Timber on Drummond Hill

Breadalbane DMG meet twice a year in autumn and spring. The autumn meeting is usually on the Friday immediately after the end of the stag season (20th October). The spring meeting is usually in the second or third week of April, depending when Easter falls.

Group meetings are always in the Molteno Hall in Fortingall, and always at 2pm on a Friday as this suits most people best. Meetings are usually very well attended, and anyone with an interest in deer management is very welcome to join us.

Additional meetings to address specific issues are sometimes required, as and when is necessary, but in recent years, all business has been dealt with at these regular meetings.

On the links below are the minutes of meetings of Breadalbane DMG since 2013. Some details relating to animals culled in different properties have been redacted.

The next meeting of Breadalbane DMG is on FRIDAY  26th April 2024 at 2pm in the Molteno Hall, Fortingall.

27th October 2023 Minutes

27th October 2023 Agenda

21st April minutes

21st April meeting agenda

28th October 2022 Minutes

22nd April 2022 Minutes

22nd October 2021 Meeting Minutes

22nd October 2021 Meeting Agenda

23rd April 2021 Meeting Minutes

23rd April 2021 Meeting Agenda

23rd October 2020 Meeting Minutes

23rd October 2020 Meeting Agenda

The April 2020 meeting was cancelled due to the current corona virus problem. The following report has been collated instead:

April 2020 Report

October 2019 Minutes

October 2019 Agenda

April 2019 Draft Minutes

April 26th 2019 Agenda

October 2018 Draft minutes

October 2018 Meeting Agenda

April 2018 Minutes

April 2018 Agenda

October 2017 Minutes- DRAFT

October 2017 Agenda

April 2017 minutes

April 2017 Agenda

28th October 2016 Minutes

28th October 2016 Agenda

22nd April 2016 Minutes

22nd April Presentation

This document contains short bullet points re: some of the main areas of public interest. Maps associated with these points can be found on the main Deer Management Plan page.

Agenda for meeting on 22nd April

Autumn 2015 Minutes- DRAFT

Spring 2015 Minutes

Autumn 2014 Minutes

Spring 2014 Minutes

Autumn 2013 Minutes

Spring 2013 Minutes